New versions of CoverUp in the Nokia Store now

New versions of CoverUp are in the Nokia Store now. This is version 3.0.0 for Symbian and 2.0.0 for MeeGo. These new versions are built from a largely new, unified code base, and they use a QML use interface.

The good news is that all the problems with time and timezone settings are gone. I now use a different search method that does not depend on this. They also look much nicer than before.

The bad news is that performance is currently much worse on Symbian. I am working on improving that.

Also, Symbian has lost the capacity to edit artist and album names when searching, as well as selecting a file on device to set as album. I have added these features back in and am about to submit version 3.0.1 and 2.0.1.

Finally, for old 5th edition devices such as the 5800 and the C6, version 2.1 is once again available.


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