About CoverUp

CoverUp finds and downloads album covers for the music in your Symbian phone. It works on all S60 5th edition and Symbian 3 devices. You can get it in the Ovi store.


Before you can use CoverUp you need to have music in your phone’s library. You can copy music to your phone either using a file browser or the Ovi Suite.
After you copy the music, make sure the music has been added to your library, by launching the Music player and selecting Options > Refresh library.

Installing and running CoverUp

CoverUp can be installed from the Ovi Store. To run CoverUp, look for the blue icon which you can see to the right.

Updating CoverUp

The Ovi store does presently not support updateing. To update to a new version of CoverUp, you must uninstall the old version, then download CoverUp again from the store. You never have to pay again for content you already bought, so this will not cost you anything. If you have problems installing or updating CoverUp, please see the FAQ below.

Finding missing covers automatically

The simplest way to use CoverUp is to let it automatically find missing covers. Launch CoverUp, and you’ll be presented with the start screen, which looks like this.

The CoverUp start screen

The start screen shows a list of all the albums listed in your library, together with a miniature of their covers, if any.

To automatically search and add covers for your albums, just press the Find missing covers button. The automatic process will search for and download covers for all albums that do not already have a cover. This can take a while for a large library.

Finding missing covers

When the covers switch back to color the update is done. Exit CoverUp and open the Music player again to see the covers. You may have to exit and restart the Music player for it to pick up the new covers, or in a small number of devices, restart the device.

Finding covers manually

If you do not want to automatically replace all covers, of if the automatic search did not find a cover, you might want to do a manual search.

To do a manual search, tap on the album to see its details.

Album details view

From the album details view you can start a manual search, select a picture file to use as cover, or remove the present cover.

To start a manual search, press the Search for covers button.

Manual search mode

CoverUp will automatically try to find covers based on the name of the artist and the album. You can easily change this by tapping the text boxes at the top of the screen.

Search results are shown as a gallery of thumbnails at the bottom of the screen. To inspect and select a cover, tap it from the gallery.

Selecting a cover

To use this cover, just tap… Use this cover.

Using picture files as covers

CoverUp 2 supports using any picture file you have stored on your device as the album cover. From the albums list, tap the album to see the details view. Now, just tap Select cover file, and then select the file you want to use as cover.

Setting a picture file as cover


If you have any problems, please state them as comments to this blog and they will be catered to.

CoverUp doesn’t find any covers!

It is important that your phone’s clock and timezone are set correctly. We make use of Amazon’s search engine, which requires the time and date to be provided to the server. If the time is off by more than a minute or so, all requests will fail.

CoverUp tells me ‘Download failed. Check that the time and date are set correctly on your device.’

This is the same issue as the above. We make use of Amazon’s search engine, which requires the time and date to be provided to the server. If the time is off by more than a minute or so, all requests will fail.

Album covers show up in the phone’s photo gallery!

This is a known problem with version CoverUp version 1.0.0. Starting with version 1.1.0 this has been fixed, but covers downloaded with 1.0.0 will still show up in the gallery. To fix this, you can remove all the old cover and let CoverUp 1.1.0 re-download the covers. This is easy to do by launching the File manager, and removing the directory \images\albumart on drive C.

Installation fails claiming problems with “Smart Installer”

The Smart Installer is a Nokia component that installs required Qt libraries if they are missing on device. These are needed for CoverUp to work. In some situations the Smart Installer seems to fail, and refuses to install CoverUp. If Smart Installer refuses to work, you should try uninstalling Nokia Smart Installer ADM from the Application Manager, and then try to install CoverUp again.


Which audio file types does CoverUp support?

CoverUp supports any file type that the music player supports.



4 Responses to CoverUp

  1. naturally like your web site however you need to take a look
    at the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are
    rife with spelling issues and I to find it very bothersome to inform
    the truth however I’ll surely come back again.

  2. michiel says:

    after I upgraded my Nokia E7 to Belle Delight, coverup can not find a the albums anymore so it seems.
    What now, please??


  3. mike says:


    is anybody home, please,

    I have a problem with Coverup, see item above but I get no answer !!!

    please contact me:

    mikeisdutch at gmail . com

  4. Yunus says:

    Coverup doesnt find any covers anymore and i cant find the exact clock of amazon, its something like gmt -7? Please contact me and clarify me

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